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Timeless You | Healing the Body & Anti-Aging

Recently I was given the opportunity to review an educational program on maintaining healthy levels of the body. The first part of the program talks about how we can slow down the aging process through understanding what the really is and through visualization and affirmations speaking to the subtle body what we would like it to do.


I learned some very fascinating facts about the body – one of them being that the body is not a noun, but a verb. It is always moving and transforming. It, in essence, is an information field of intelligence blinking in and out of existence so quickly that the human brain cannot process it, and thus perceives it as solid.


Anti-Aging Timeless You


This is the reason why miracles have been witnessed from those who have overcome severe and tragic illnesses or diseases. Deepak Chopra, in his audiobook How to Know God shares the story of a what I believe was a French Leader who developed a type of cancer that led to bone deterioration. It was so severe that the bone in a certain part of his body was nearly depleted. Well, this leader was well-respected worldwide. People came from all over the world to visit him and those who couldn’t make the trip prayed for him. After some time went by, the bone began to grow back. Was this a miracle? How could it be?


Well, in understanding that the body is an information field of intelligence and not  static as we believe it to be, new information was being fed into it – like a broadcasting station and its receivers. So, let’s get to it. I shared a post about 5 parts of the body and often they’re replaced. Let’s see if your guess was accurate:

How often is your stomach lining is replaced?

Answer: Every 3-5 days


How often are all your taste buds are replaced?

Answer: Every 10-14 days


How often is new skin is formed?

Answer: 13 times per year


How often do you grow a whole new head of hair?

Answer: Every 2-7 years


How frequent is your skeleton replaced?

Answer:  On average 8-11 times throughout a lifetime

[Source: Chopra, D. (2013). Timeless You: The biology of youth & the wisdom of experience.]


Fascinating statistics, right?! There is truth within the saying “I’ll see it when I believe it.” Your beliefs have more of an influence on your current and future well-being and genealogy, than your genetics do. Dr. Bruce Lipton speaks a lot about this in his book The Biology of Belief and the references you’ve found here.

Dr. David R. Hawkins, lecturer an author of books such as Power vs. Force, Truth vs. Falsehood, and Transcending the Levels of Concsciousness, cured quite a number of illness and disease by repeating this affirmation, “I cancel any belief in [name of illness/disease], for I am a spiritual being and only subject to what I hold in mind.”


We’ve seen stories of paraplegics walk out of hospitals a year after they were told they’d never be able to walk again, people eliminating cancer at severe stages, Sir Roger Bannister breaking the 4 minute mile after physicians show him it’s physically impossible for the body to move that fast. How many more references do you need? Don’t look to “out there” to find reasons how you too are able to heal your body. “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” – Matthew 6:33


I’d love for you to share your posts below – whether you’re concerned if you can or not or perhaps you have a personal story you can share or know someone personally you can share their story.





Reviewing Purposeful Relationships and The Parenting Pocketbook

purposfulcover-150 Life is better with purpose – LOGOS. Kids grow up stronger with Leadership and Logos along with parents who are leaders.

Books that bring spirituality and common sense to the table with resources from a different direction at every chapter. Fitting the old cliché “Good things come in small packages”, Purposeful Relationships packs useful power in every Purpose section…there are over 20 of these Purpose sections or chapters in the little book that gives readers a taste of how to accomplish the change within. A few include Attitude, Courageous, Determination , Imagination.

Each section opens with an applicable quote about a certain philosophy with expansion on that thought and application suggestions. The quotes will be from people with whom you are familiar and develop the credibility of the guidance. Purposeful Relationships is a guide, but not a boring workbook…or a massive collection of boring case studies. The book is attractively formatted with good editing — it may have come as a workbook from a workshop, but WORK isn’t the experience I had in reading the book. When I read each gentle Purpose, absorbed the Elaborate expansion and considered the Action Step, I found this book to fit my ‘study’ pattern. It is easy to go back to a Purpose that I want to review.

The Parenting Pocketbook is another small book that is overflowing with patient guidance to help parents become the leaders they need to be to help their children grow into adults with LOGOS working for them…leaders of tomorrow. parentcover-150

There is so much to be said for consulting, coaching and counseling . Laying the groundwork before or during coaching and counseling with books like these can determine results and the time required to achieve those results. Generously, the author offers more than enough gems of thought for the gentle price of these two books.

Author Howard Crampton, Jr. is a professional who coaches clients using the systems displayed in the book. He generously gives readers a lot of applicable information that would let them move forward and away from the stress and chaos that invades their lives.Crampton’s tone is gentle, without forcing too much information into the topic bringing on confusion. He writes in the forward about the Logos part of his Logos and Leadership system — ” Logos is the gap between unmanifest and manifest, the Divine and man.”




What if, for the very first time... | Taken for Granted

How do you not take advantage of your innate gifts, and appreciating the most important people and things in your life?

So often do we take for granted the people, our pets, jobs, nature and so many other things. It’s like the old saying “You never realize what you have until it’s gone.”

Well, in this video I share with you a neat little practice for genuinely appreciating those things most important to you. It’s a short video with lots of value.

Oh, and I would really appreciate you coming back and sharing your experiences. Tell us what you did differently. How did the practice turn out for you?

I invite you to post your comments below and who knows, maybe it’ll be you to change another persons life!

Take a look…



"Self" Acceptance | Acceptance of Self | Self-Realization

Does that boggle your Mind to even read – “Self” Acceptance | Acceptance of Self | Self-Realization?

Well, as I’ve stated many times before, if you’re seeking to change yourself, you have to come to realization of what “Self” is!

One self – the ego/self – acts as if it is God, or your Higher Self which is the Ultimate Self.

You come to realize the self (with the lowercase “s”) is the ego-mind. The narcissistic core of the ego is what boasts and babbles. You come to Know the difference by how you feel – limited in expression or feeling loved and allowed.

In this video I express this difference then offer you a strategy to come to Acceptance of your Self and what it is as Absolute Reality. I also offer a little practice for coming to acceptance of others, especially when you’re driving down the highway in a highly populated city.

Check it out then head on over to the blog section of my site and leave a comment of how well this practice worked for you. Did you find it challenging or simple?

I look forward to interacting with you and responding to your posts and questions. Feel free to express any concerns, challenges or questions you have there as well

or if you have a personal question, email me at



Know ThySelf | Discover Purpose | Attachments

There’s much to discover and much that will not be discovered as we exist in just one of the infinite planes of the Universe. Is it possible to reach other planes?

Well, in order to fully understand this question is to understand the dynamic nature of the Self and Consciousness Itself.

So, in this video I share with you various levels of consciousness and how It unfolds as we venture forth in this life, all the while discovering more of what we are made of and what we actually are!

To discover your Life’s Purpose is to come to “Know” the “Self”. Bob Proctor did say “In order to change your self, you have to know what ‘self’ is!”

Watch this short clip, and if you’re able to make it out to Santa Clarita’s Kenneally Acupuncture and Healing Light Resource center this Saturday August 10 at 11am, then we’ll go much deeper into learning what “Self” is so that you too can Discover Purpose in your Life!

More info at



The Shift | Ambition to Meaning | Striving to Arriving

Discovering Purpose workshop in Santa Clarita, CA Saturday August 10 at 11 am. Visit the Kenneally Acupuncture and Healing Light Resource Center (Suite 4 & 5) and call immediately to RSVP because space is very limited (20-25 people) 661.252.4103

Dr. Wayne Dyer’s movie “The Shift” struck a strong chord in me the first time ever watched it. I had recently gone through a break-up and that night drank heavily and got home late. I realized if I started the movie it would be about 2 am by the time The Shift (movie) had ended.

So I decided to watch it anyway. That night I shifted, and now I’m here to bring to you what I’ve learned from that shift as well as additional content that has propelled me to keep on keeping on, especially when you get to that point of giving up.

You can attend on of my Live workshops in Santa Clarita, CA this August 10 – Saturday morning at 11am. Call immediately to RSVP because space is very limited (20-25 people) 661.252.4103

I’ll be discussing the topic of Discovering Purpose – What purpose is and who You Are to even relate to and experience Purpose in Life.

I’ll also be using Dr. David Hawkins ‘Map of Consciousness’ to help you understand the different experiences according to your calibrated Level of Consciousness.

I hope you enjoy this video. You will learn how to shift contexts that give meaning to your experiences so you can finally Arrive!

Please post your comments and questions below and I look forward to connecting with you through this forum.

Again, if you live nearby or want to fly in for the event, make sure to contact Kenneally Acupuncture and Healing Light Resource Center at 661.252.4103



Seasonal Acupuncture |

Seasonal Acupuncture helps to build your body’s immunity through the changing seasons, as we shift from different elements – wood, fire, metal, water and air.

Seasonal Acupuncture and Healing Light Events

Sunday June 23, 2013

Acupuncture – 9am – 6pm

Vendor Fair with Howard Crampton Jr. and Discovering Purpose – 9am – 4pm

Seasonal Acupuncture:

- Boosts your Body’s Immune System

- Relieves Stress and Balances the Body

- Great way to Experience Acupuncture

Call to Schedule your Seasonal Acupuncture Appointment


Vendor Fair and Boutique:

- Jewelry          - CD’s

- Crystals          - Angel Cards

- Books              - Scarves

- T-Shirts          - Inspirational Gift Items


Health Related Business:

- Acupuncture          - Women’s Wellness & Beauty

- Hypnotherapy       – Energy Medicine

- Nutrition                  - Chiropractic


Additional Services:

- Chakra Imaging          - Chair Massage

- Astrology Readings

- Spiritual Card Readings

- Digital Foot Detox


Acupuncture is the stimulation of Specific points of higher electrical conductivity on the human body. These points are located along pathways through which the body’s energy flows. Each pathway connects to an internal organ. The goal of each acupuncture treatment is to activate the body’s self-healing mechanism resulting in physiological and emotional balance. Acupuncture stimulates endorphins (which relieve pain), neurotransmitters, enzymes, hormones, relaxes muscles and increases blood circulation. As a result, vitality increases and balance is restored to the body, mind and spirit.

This event takes place on Sunday June 23rd 9am – 6pm and the Vendor Fair is from 9am – 4pm.

I’ll see you there!



June PreSummer Personal Development and Lifestyle Preparation

How prepared are you to have the greatest summer ever? Are you doing anything different, other than the limiting patterns that have created the same boring and mundane results from the past? Or are you taking new inspired actions and taking the time to plan how to live the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of?

In this video, I offer a special promotion for the month of June Only! to help you prepare for the best summer yet… Take a look.

May 9, 2013Posted by Lamhfada in Blogs

Create Your Life by Design (Part 2): Mastermind

To find out more about Materminding visit

I was watching a Kung Fu movie, Shaolin, and in one scene a man walks up to this little boy practicing Kung Fu in the night, while it’s snowing. He asks the boy, “What are you doing practicing when it’s so cold outside?”, the boy replies “I practice because it’s cold outside.”

I thought that was so profound and the things we put off because of uncertainty, when we should be doing them because of the uncertainty. We can find numerous excuses for why we don’t have what we want, but if you sat quietly and concentrated you would find many more reasons to get those things you really want.

I’ve been part of a Mastermind group hosted by my friend Allison Sutter, who is a mentee of Bob Proctor. Because of this group I have been reaching far beyond my comfort zone and realizing so much more about myself and my own personal Truths of what life should be like for me.

I encourage you to begin creating your life by design, and join Allison’s Mastermind group at no cost, other than purchasing Bob Proctor’s ‘You Were Born Rich’ book.

Visit and under the “Do Better” tab, you’ll see the “Mastermind” button. You can register for the group there.

Watch this video for a little more insight about Developing Certainty within You first, and how to Attract Bob’s book if money currently seems scarce for you.

Again. visit and register for the complimentary Mastermind group.